$951 GPD Win Max 2021 [CPU Intel 11th Core Tiger Lake I7-1195G7] Mini Electronics Computers Accessories Computers Tablets GPD Win 5 ☆ popular Max 2021 CPU Intel 11th Core I7-1195G7 Tiger Mini Lake Mini,adw.cl,I7-1195G7],Electronics , Computers Accessories , Computers Tablets,Core,/huaracho758063.html,Max,Lake,GPD,$951,11th,Win,2021,Intel,[CPU,Tiger Mini,adw.cl,I7-1195G7],Electronics , Computers Accessories , Computers Tablets,Core,/huaracho758063.html,Max,Lake,GPD,$951,11th,Win,2021,Intel,[CPU,Tiger GPD Win 5 ☆ popular Max 2021 CPU Intel 11th Core I7-1195G7 Tiger Mini Lake $951 GPD Win Max 2021 [CPU Intel 11th Core Tiger Lake I7-1195G7] Mini Electronics Computers Accessories Computers Tablets

GPD Win 5 ☆ popular Max 2021 CPU Intel 11th Core I7-1195G7 Tiger Mini Lake Weekly update

GPD Win Max 2021 [CPU Intel 11th Core Tiger Lake I7-1195G7] Mini


GPD Win Max 2021 [CPU Intel 11th Core Tiger Lake I7-1195G7] Mini


Product Description

GPD Win MaxGPD Win Max

GPD WIN Max: Handheld Game Console for AAA Games

GPD WIN 2's processor is not powerful enough to run the latest AAA gaming titles, and its mouse + keyboard control mode is deemed somewhat inconvenient for playing online games. All these disadvantages make it hard to call WIN 2 a full-featured gaming console.

In view of the above, we want to create something completely new: An ALL IN ONE product that combines the portability of a handheld and the graphics performance of a gaming laptop. We named it "WIN Max". Because such a product requires processor that is highly efficient and powerful, we have been kept waiting for the right product to appear.

GPD Win max features"noscript"GPD Win max features

Features of GPD Win Max

    "li"Capable of running AAA games at 60Hz with medium settings; "li"8-inch H-IPS screen featuring the fifth-generation Corning gorilla glass, 33% more screen real estate compared to last generation model, 90% DCI-P3 wide color gamut, DC dimming without flickering, 500nits brightness; "li"Intel 11th generation 10nm Core i7-1195G7 processor, which out-performs i7-4790K, the 4th-gen flagship processor; "li"Intel's 12th-generation Intel Gen12 Iris Xe Graphics 96Eu, with graphics performance close to NVIDIA GeForce MX250;
  • Dual ssd sockets (Socket 3 / Socket 2) for unlimited storage expansion, support M.2 NVMe / AHCI 2280, with sequential read / write speeds exceeding 2000MB/s;
  • Dual-channel 16G LPDDR4X 3733 memory with read and write speeds exceeding 60GB / s;
  • With built-in USB 3 port, you can connect to two 4K/60Hz monitors at the same time or an external eGFX to achieve the best gaming performance;
  • Built-in HDMI 2.0b HD audio/video interface, supports HDR and Intel SGX technology, can output 4K/60Hz UHD BD video;
  • With the latest Wi-Fi 6 technology, you can surf the web at the speed of 300MB/s, 2.77 times faster than 5G Wi-Fi speed;
  • Support BT 5.0 with transmission speed up to 3MB/s, 1-meter precise positioning, long distance communication at 300 meters and connection with up to 7 Bluetooth devices;
  • 3 × 5000mAh / 57Wh high capacity polymer lithium battery, supports heavy use for 3 hours, moderate use for 6 ~ 8 hours and light use for 14 hours;
  • Three-stage adjustable TDP (15W, 20W, 25W) for applications in different scenarios. With 25W TDP, the performance of the machine greatly surpasses other products on the market with the same configuration.
  • Newly designed gamepad with split arrow keys, anti-slip sink-in joystick and L3/R3 functions (by pressing down);
  • Dual desktop-grade turbine fans + dual cooling pipes, high displacement side-blow design, 9 ventilation holes for fast heat dissipation;
  • 65W super-fast charger supporting PD 3.0 protocol, which can charge multiple devices such as mobile phones, tablets, notebooks at the same time.
GPD Win MaxGPD Win Max

As a product that is focused on gaming, WIN Max needs to be tough and durable. As such, we've decided to give it an upper cover made of CNC magnesium aluminum alloy and a main body made of LG-DOW 121H aviation-grade anti-shock ABS synthetic resin. The final product features 1.3mm shell thickness, high temperature resistance, Class V-0 fire resistance, 109R Rockwell hardness, 26000kg/cm2 bending resistance, an intact rate of 92% in 5m drop tests.

The button of the machine is curved with chamfered edges, 49.7% of which is hollowed-out for air intake. And foot pads of 3mm height are attached to the bottom of the machine to avoid obstruction of air flow.

On the back of the machine, there are L1 / L2 and R1 / R2 buttons on both sides, various ports in the middle (Type-C, USB 3, USB A 3.1 × 2, HDMI), and 9 air outlets below the hinge (to avoid hinge blocking air-flow).

GPD Win maxGPD Win max

GPD Win Max is borned to be your perfect handheld Game console for AAA games

WIN Max uses Intel 11th Generation Core i7-1195G7 processor. With the help of 10nm processing technology, this CPU has a transistor density of 100MTr / mm², double that of a cup using the 14nm process. Other notable features of this processor include 4-core 8-thread design, 1.2GHz reference frequency, 5.0 GHz Turbo frequency, 4 Cores/8 Threads, 12MB L3 cache, 4 GT / s OPI bus speed.

The single / multi-core performance of Core i7-1195G7 has surpassed i7-4790K, the Intel 4th generation desktop flagship CPU, reaching a level close to that of i7-6700K. By comparison, the m3-8100Y processor used by GPD WIN 2 is quite weak in performance.

WIN Max's built-in i7-1195G7 SoC integrates the 12th-gen Iris Xe Graphics which has 96 EU execution units, more than double the number of EUs in the 9.5-gen integrated graphics chips (up to 24EUs). With a base frequency of 300MHz and a maximum dynamic frequency of 2.8 GHz, this display chip can perform one trillion floating-point calculations per second, 2.67 times higher than that of 9.5th-gen integrated graphics chip. Compared with the last-gen chips, this display chip has achieved a qualitative leap in performance, energy efficiency, 3D, media and gaming performance.

Memory frequency is an important factor affecting reading and writing speed and a system using high frequency memory can run games more smoothly. In the case of GPD WIN Max, 16GB of LPDDR4X 3733, the fastest low-power memory currently on the market, and dual-channel design jointly ensure that it can meet the needs of the latest games.

WIN Max Also allows users to replace the built-in SSD installed in the M.2 NVMe / AHCI dual protocol interface. However, due to space constraints, WIN Max only supports single-sided M.2 2280 SSDs (such as Samsung 970 EVO Plus) and does not support double-sided SSDs such as Lenovo NGFF SL700. Please pay attention to the distinction between the two when replacing the SSD.

GPD Win Max 2021 [CPU Intel 11th Core Tiger Lake I7-1195G7] Mini

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